The rise of private airline in Bangladesh is the result of some changes in the government policy. In 1992 the induetry policy of 1991 was amended relesing domestic air transportation business from reserved list.It took another couple of years to finilize to procedures, criteria etc. for the operation. Civil Aviation Authirity of Bangladesh allowed private operators to fly within the STOL ports without giving any entry to domestic airport specially where operated.

Finally, in 1995 Aero Bengal became the pioneer to fly as the first private airline of Bangladesh. Within a very short time it was felt that operating within the STOL airports was not economically viable and after about tho years the government opened all other airports for private operators. STOL ports gradually were closed down as no operators were found interested for operation there. Though many company took the initial license for airline business but only few airlines could launch their aviation business. Presently Unites Airways (BD) Ltd, Regent Air, Novo Air & US Bangla are operating.

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